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Get Clean Water For Your Entire House Without Having To Install Multiple Filters

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Whole House Water Filter

The science behind our filtration system is simple — but powerful. Our proprietary blend of sediment, carbon block, GAC, and KDF filters works to remove chlorine and sediment as well as odor and taste for improved water quality. With our system, you can trust that all of your family’s water needs are met with superior filtration that goes beyond what standard filters provide.

Mountain OV filters are designed for effortless maintenance. Plus, our filter cartridges last four to six months so your lifestyle won’t be interrupted by frequent replacements or costly maintenance fees associated with other systems on the market today.

Our Products

Single-stage whole-house water filter is a unique sediment filter capable of trapping particulate matter down to 5 microns. By blocking solid dirt and particles from entering your pipes, you can reduce common environmental contaminants like iron, rust, and silt before they ever reach your tap.

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