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How to maintain a soft water system for optimal performance

If you have recently purchased a soft water system or installed a whole-house water filter in your home, you probably already understand the many advantages that these systems offer. From reducing limescale buildup and cleaning products to preventing wear and tear on plumbing appliances, a properly maintained soft water system can help to keep your household running smoothly. But how do you maintain it for optimal performance? In today's blog post, we'll be discussing all of the tips and tricks necessary for keeping your soft water system working at its best! With routine maintenance and regular inspections, you can ensure that your system is functioning efficiently throughout its lifetime.

Maintaining a soft water system for optimal performance is not only beneficial to the health and well-being of your family, but it can also help reduce wear and tear on your property. Soft water systems such as the Mountain OV provide a variety of benefits including safety from contaminants, effective corrosion control, improved lathering ability in soap products, fewer scale deposits in pipes and fixtures, reduced energy consumption, and more. To ensure that soft water system is running at its best performance level here are some tips:

  • Test Your Water Regularly

  • Monitor Salt Levels

  • Cleaning Filters

  • Service Your System Annually

Test Your Water Regularly

To ensure that you have the right balance of minerals in your water supply it's important to test for pH levels regularly using an AquaCheck meter or similar device. Depending on where you live testing should be done once every two to three months at a minimum. Make sure you use an EPA-certified professional water testing lab so that you get accurate results each time.

Monitor Salt Levels

A key element with any softener is salt; too much or too little can lead to problems like hard spots or scale buildup in pipes leading to damage over time. As such monitor brine tank levels closely by periodically checking the onboard LCD display readings and topping up accordingly with bags of fine-grade block salt as required (this varies depending on usage).

Cleaning Filters

It's important to keep filters clean as they can become clogged with dirt particles over time which will eventually impede the flow rate leading to reduced efficiency overall. Clean cartridges need replacing at least every 12 months but if you notice any significant build-up before this period then replace them sooner rather than later– doing little bits like cleaning these regularly goes a long way towards maintaining optimal performance.

Service Your System Annually

The best way to maximize performance from all parts of a softening system including valve replacements, seal kits, resin changes, etc., is by servicing annually - especially during peak demand seasons when the workload increases significantly. This helps maintain consistent optimum quality output even during extreme demand periods while ensuring the longevity of equipment lifetimes.

By following these four simple steps along with regular maintenance checks — checking union nuts for potential leaks; grease glands; gaskets/O rings, etc. — one can easily achieve maximum efficiency from their Mountain OV Soft Water System making sure that drinking/washing water remains safe through mineral free high-grade filtration solutions all year round.


The importance of a soft water system cannot be stressed enough. It ensures that your home's plumbing and appliances are in optimal condition, achieving a longer lifespan for them as well as making your bills more manageable. Taking the correct steps to maintaining a soft water system such as doing routine checks and cleaning out systems can help you keep your system running at peak performance. With Mountain OV’s expertise and easy-to-use maintenance program, you can prevent problems from arising and get the most out of your investment. From consultation to installation and maintenance, they have you covered when it comes to ensuring that your soft water system is meeting its maximum potential. Take the necessary steps now to preserve the health of your water system, Mountain OV has the products and knowledge to give you peace of mind during your water filter needs.

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